About the District

Mission Statement:

To instill learning as a life-long process by creating an environment where every student has the opportunity to develop their full potential, be empowered with confidence, and be prepared for future challenges in a global society.

Vision Statement:

Creating a nurturing learning community where excellence is expected of everyone.

List of District-Wide Programs and Services:

  • A Broad Based Curriculum (including Art, Music, Physical Education, Engineering Concepts, Spanish and Computers)
  • Gifted, Honor Roll and Academic Incentive Programs
  • Comprehensive School Reform (CSR) using the Interactive Teaching, and Learning Communities Project of Thornton Fractional Cooperative
  • Pupil – Personnel Services: Psychologist, Social Workers, Speech, and Language Therapist
  • Comprehensive Special Education Programs
  • Instructional Materials Centers (IMC) – Libraries and Computer labs in each school
  • Summer Bridges Program for grades K-6 and locally funded Summer School Programs for remediation and enrichment
  • ESL Program