Special Services

The Department of Special Services is committed to providing a full continuum of specialized services to meet the individual educational needs and learning styles of each child. The district is also committed to supporting and creating a collaborative work culture that encourages student support staff, standard curriculum personnel, and parents to work together to provide the best education possible for all students.

Dana Ash, Director of Special Services

The Response-To-Intervention Team

This team of teachers, administrators, and teacher specialists, including the school psychologist, social worker, and speech-language pathologist, meets at school on a regular basis. The team may make recommendations to parents and classroom teachers, suggest some short-term interventions, or may even ask permission for further assessment.

Interventions may include:

Providing a student with instructional, behavioral, social, environmental and/or curriculum supports. Intervention effectiveness is monitored and evaluated.

The Department includes:

  • Dana Ash, Director of Special Services
  • Cynthia Revels-Young, 0-3 Case Manager
  • Vicki Torres, Administrative Secretary
  • Nancy Davis, 0-3 Case Manager
  • Dr. Joshua DeFilippo, Psychologist
  • Jonathan Love, Speech Language Pathologist
  • Gwyn Brooks, Social Worker (Hoover)
  • Kimberly Valladay, Social Worker (Schrum)