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Memorial School District 157

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Back to School Fair

Schrum Memorial Middle School

Schrum Spartan News

Happy Holidays

Registration is available online 24/7

In-Person registration is available by appointment only.  Please call 708-862-4236 for tech assistance, to schedule your appointment to upload documents, attestation letters or special services.
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Welcome to Schrum Memorial Middle School!

Back to School Letter

August 2022

Schrum Families, 


There is nothing more excellent and exciting than to receive our students and parents at the beginning of a new school year. I welcome you with a sense of hope and faith in the unique normal everyone has adapted to during these challenging times. Our staff is filled with enthusiasm, and they are ready for the new school year. We endeavor to build upon our culture of community, kindness, justice, and growth as a team. We look forward to opening the school doors with a spirit of excitement, engagement, and celebration. We celebrate being in a learning environment together, engaging our students in meaningful ways, and creating exciting and memorable experiences. Together, we will make this school year an amazing learning experience for ALL! Please read the important information below.


  1. A student MUST be registered to begin school. Registration is NOT available on August 16th.

  2. The first day of school is August 16th at 7:50 am and it is a FULL day.

  3. All students will enter through the main doors.

  4. Breakfast and lunch are provided

  5. Beginning August 24th, every Wednesday is a 12:05 early release day. 






Johnny Billingsley- Proud Principal of Schrum Memorial Middle School

Lisa Stanley- Assistant Principal of Curriculum and Instruction

Tamiko Fefee- Assistant Principal of Student Services


4th POD War

Mon Dec 4 2023
to Fri Dec 8 2023

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